Ramy Shaath’s situation- Q&A - (7 December 2021)


Q: One year ago, during the Egyptian President’s visit to Paris, the French President raised the issue of the imprisonment of human rights activist Ramy Shaath, who is married to a French researcher. Since then, other visits have taken place and contracts have been signed with Egypt; why has the situation not evolved? Has his case been raised again and what has been the Egyptian authorities’ response?

A: As part of the rigorous, substantive dialogue that France maintains with Egypt on human rights, Ramy Shaath’s situation has been closely monitored and raised regularly at the highest levels. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is in close, regular contact with his wife, Céline Lebrun-Shaath. France is deploying all its efforts with the Egyptian authorities to resolving Mr. Shaath’s situation positively and definitively.