International Criminal Court - Conversation between Catherine Colonna and ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan (4 October 2022)


Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna spoke today with International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan.

Combating impunity in Ukraine and worldwide is a priority for France. That is why, on September 22, we attended a ministerial meeting on this topic at the UN Security Council, in which Mr. Khan was a participant.

With the prosecutor carrying out crucial investigations into abuses that fall under his jurisdiction, including those in Ukraine, Darfur, Libya and the Sahel, the minister reaffirmed France’s support for the ICC, the only permanent criminal court that is universal in scope. The minister reiterated France’s concrete support for the Court in financial, operational and staffing terms. She also emphasized France’s commitment to reforms strengthening the ICC, including the increased use of the French language and civil law.

France will continue to support the work of the ICC, which plays a key role in preserving the peace and integrity of the international order based on the rule of law, combating impunity for the perpetrators of abuses and fulfilling the need for justice expressed by victims.

France’s support for the ICC comes in addition to our bilateral efforts to assist Ukrainian courts that are investigating Russian war crimes. The magnitude of the crimes committed in that country requires the mobilization of all appropriate courts, in line with the principle of complementarity.