Human rights - The right to abortion enshrined in the French Constitution (4 March 2024)


By enshrining women’s right to abortion in the French Constitution, which is a first in the world, France has sent an unprecedented signal of support for women’s rights and invites other countries to do the same. We are continuing our efforts to ensure that this right is also enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, as President Macron has proposed.

Amid a backsliding of women and girls’ rights across the world, with this bold decision, France has reaffirmed its resolute commitment to fighting for the rights, freedom, health and lives of women, and for the full achievement of gender equality. France will continue to relentlessly promote sexual and reproductive health and rights as part of its French diplomacy.

France is also tirelessly advocating at every level, including at the highest political level, and in all international bodies for the right to safe abortion to be recognized as a basic right everywhere in the world. It will not give up its fight.