Forced marriage: you are protected by law


What is a forced marriage?

  • It is a traditional, religious or civil marriage with a person that you have not chosen to marry
  • You may be forced to marry when travelling abroad

What the law says:

  • A court can order the annulment of a marriage performed without the consent of one of the two spouses
  • Taking someone abroad to force them to marry is an offence that is punishable by up to three years in prison and a €45,000 fine

Warning signs

  • Family pressure
  • Your identity papers or passport are taken when you arrive in a country
  • You are suddenly not allowed to go out, go out alone, call friends
  • You are the victim of insults, threats, psychological and even physical violence

The risk of forced marriage increases during summer holidays and school holidays

How to protect yourself if you are threatened

To avoid leaving France, you can:

  • If you are aged 18 or over, obtain an emergency protection order with a ban on leaving France from a judge in the family law division of your place of residence
  • If you are under 18, write an email to mariageforce.fae at for advice that applies to your individual circumstances
  • Notify, up until the last moment, customs or the airport and border police

Before travelling abroad, you should:

-* Photocopy all of your important personal documents (identity card, passport, school attendance certificates, etc.) and any other document that can identify you, as well as documents (medical certificates, testimonies of friends and family) that help establish a dangerous situation. Give or send them by email to a person you trust before your departure.

  • Save a sum of money that you can keep secret to use to telephone or travel
  • Take practical information about the country you are visiting with you, particularly the telephone number or address of the nearest consulate of France
  • Write an email to mariageforce.fae at to inform them of your situation

Once abroad: an embassy or consulate of France can help you.

1. Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of France directly or through a person you can trust. They can provide you with the appropriate assistance and advice according to your individual circumstances.

2. The consulate can:

  • Help you find an organisation that can provide guidance on-site and even emergency housing if needed
  • Help you organise your return to France: for example, after proper verification, by issuing you a laissez-passer (temporary pass) if your papers have been confiscated


Emergency hotline: 3919

E-mail: mariageforce.fae at

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