2023 French Schools Abroad Week: French education for sporting activities


From 27 November to 2 December 2023, French schools abroad are shining a spotlight on their action for sporting access for all.

For the seventh year running, French Schools Abroad Week is highlighting the strengths and values of France’s schools abroad and the assets and values this educational model provides.

The network of French schools abroad

This unique school network comprising 580 schools in 139 countries totalled over 392,000 pupils in September 2023. It aims to provide a public service, educating French children abroad (a third of the pupils enrolled) and conduct cultural diplomacy, as the majority of the pupils are foreign (two thirds).

From the time they are in pre-school, students learn in a caring, intercultural, French-speaking and multilingual environment and set out on an exceptional academic path.

French education abroad is recognized for its excellence and its inclusiveness, and opens doors to the best international and French higher education institutions.

“Learning, dedication, development: sports for all”

With 2024 being the year of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, sport will be a common thread throughout the 2023-2024 school year in the French schools abroad network.

With reference to the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, respect, equity and courage, the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) is promoting the educational heritage of the Olympics and is using the occasion to sustainably strengthen its sports policy within French schools abroad.

Learning. Physical and sports education in school sports clubs allow students to develop specific skills and knowledge.

Dedication. Commitment through effort, determination and perseverance are required for all sporting activities. Commitment also benefits others, enabling pupils to fulfil social responsibilities, experience cohesion and dedication to projects, in order to promote civic values.

Development. Sports are essential to personal development and health, encourage harmonious development and generate great emotion.

Sport for all. Sporting activities are planned throughout the network of French schools abroad, are fully inclusive, open to all ages and for girls and boys of all abilities.

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