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France’s commitment to the French language is above all seen in the international strategy for the French language and multilingualism. Announced by President Emmanuel Macron during his speech of 20 March 2018 at the Institut de France, this ambitious strategy is aimed at restoring the status and role of the French language in the world, while respecting multilingualism. The challenge is to make the French language one of the top three world languages of the 21st century and an asset when it comes to globalization.

Through its network of French schools abroad, France also invests considerable funds in teaching French and teaching in French to more than 370,000 students, including 126,000 French students and 244,000 foreign students in more than 522 schools.

Lastly, France contributes to the French language’s influence in the world through active support of its cultural cooperation network. On a daily basis, more than 6,000 staff members, 131 cooperation and cultural action sections in embassies, 98 Instituts Français and 386 Alliances Françaises, work on educational and linguistic cooperation in the different countries. They are supported in their work by the France Education platform, language assistants in France and abroad and the French-as-a-foreign-language master’s internship programme.

November 2020