UN – Announcement of the United States’ return to UNESCO (12.06.23)


France welcomes the United States’ decision to rejoin UNESCO, which was announced today by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. France, which hosts the organization’s headquarters and is a member of its Executive Board, also applauds the unwavering commitment of the Director-General and all the member states who contributed to the U.S. decision.

In accordance with commitments made by the U.S. President, this decision will boost the universal character of UNESCO. A special general conference will be convened to formally acknowledge the United States’ return.

On this occasion, France reaffirms its full support for UNESCO and its missions, first and foremost being education, especially girls’ education, and the protection of cultural heritage in armed conflict. The organization has decided to make the African continent one of its strategic priorities. It also stood out for its recent efforts in Lebanon, Iraq and Ukraine, among other things by inscribing Odesa on its World Heritage List and its List of World Heritage in Danger, a move that France actively supported. UNESCO is also leading the way in the fight against the manipulation of information, the protection of journalists and global scientific cooperation, particularly in the area of oceanography.

The organization is making a significant contribution to the achievement of UN goals and respect for its principles: peace and international security, sustainable development, and the promotion and respect of human rights.