UN - Jan Kubis named Special Envoy on Libya by UN Secretary-General (18 January 2021)


France offers Jan Kubis, whom the UN Secretary-General just named Special Envoy on Libya, its best wishes for success.

It applauds the work of Special Representative Stephanie Williams, who skillfully led the mission on an interim basis and facilitated the resumption of the inter-Libyan dialogue, an important step toward a political solution.

Mr. Kubis can count on France’s support in his efforts to bring about a political resolution to the Libyan crisis under the auspices of the UN, restoring the country’s unity, sovereignty and stability without foreign interference.

France welcomes today’s adoption by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum of a selection mechanism for a unified executive authority. It applauds the participants’ commitment to the political process and renews its support for the formation of a transitional executive tasked with organizing the elections scheduled for December 24. It renews its call for the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement signed on October 23, 2020, in Geneva, particularly the departure of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libyan territory.