UN – Appointment of Joanna Wronecka as UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon (1 April 2021)


France welcomes the UN Secretary General’s decision to appoint Joanna Wronecka to the position of UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon. It offers Ms. Wronecka its best wishes for success in this important mission for the Lebanese people and for Lebanon’s stability and sovereignty. It assures her of our support as she carries out her duties and our desire to work closely with her, as we did during Poland’s recent term in the Security Council.

On this occasion, France applauds the work of her predecessor, Jan Kubis, and that of Deputy Special Coordinator Najat Rochdi in helping to mobilize international support for the Lebanese people following the explosion at the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020.

France is deeply concerned by the crisis in Lebanon. The Lebanese authorities must urgently agree to form a credible, effective government without delay in order to carry out the reforms that are crucial to Lebanon’s future. France and its partners intend to examine all the levers that could be used to increase pressure on those responsible for the deadlock, in order to end the crisis.

France stands with the Lebanese people, as it has always done.