Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace


The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace, launched on 12 November 2018 during the Paris Peace Forum, aims to drive initiatives on emerging and, as yet, insufficiently regulated issues, by working with a variety of players including States, businesses and professional associations and civil society organizations.
The Call proposes a vision for regulation in cyberspace and the major associated principles: the practicability of international law, responsible behaviour of States, State monopoly of legitimate use of violence, recognition of the specific responsibilities of private stakeholders, particularly as regards preventing security failures and refrain from using certain practices which may damage stability in cyberspace.

The Call is the first major international initiative which is resolutely part of a multi-stakeholder approach including States, private companies and civil society organizations.

Some of the largest private sector support comes from: Microsoft, Kaspersky, Siemens, Google, Facebook and Huawei (which joined the Call in summer 2019).

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List of Supporters of the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace