European Union - Participation of Laurence Boone in the General Affairs Council (Luxembourg, October 18, 2022)


Laurence Boone, Minister of State for Europe, is taking part in today’s General Affairs Council in Luxembourg.

The discussions will primarily focus on the European Union’s continued support for Ukraine, as well as energy issues. This will be an opportunity for the minister to recall that the priority for France is to reduce prices, especially for electricity. She will also stress the importance of swift reforms for the electricity market.

Laurence Boone will reiterate France’s support for the rapid adoption of the EU electoral law, with the creation of a single EU-wide constituency and transnational candidate lists, which will help strengthen democracy and instill a greater sense of belonging within the EU.

The minister will also continue discussions on the rule of law in Poland, particularly issues relating to the independence of the judiciary.

Lastly, Laurence Boone will take part in discussions on the feedback event for European citizens regarding follow-up to the Conference on the Future of Europe. She will recall the importance of providing responses to citizens who expressed their views, as well as share France’s analysis of the proposals that were made and can be implemented quickly.