The European Union - France applauds the publication of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence (13 March 2023)


France applauds the March 10th publication of the European Union’s Space Strategy for Security and Defence, which was called for and supported by France. This strategy is part of the implementation of the Strategic Compass, adopted under France’s 2022 EU Council presidency, which called on the EU to become a player in contested strategic domains such as cyberspace and outer space.

This strategy offers the EU and its Member States an ambitious shared policy framework for protecting their interests in space, which are essential to the well-being of millions of European citizens. It allows for joint analysis of space-based threats and suggests institutional, diplomatic, and capacity-building responses.

Like France’s 2019 space defense strategy, the Joint Communication on this strategy constitutes an effort to be transparent about the EU’s goals and resources in this domain. It complies with international law and is consistent with ongoing efforts to establish responsible standards for behavior in space that are being carried out with the full participation of France and the EU.