OSCE - Franck Riester attending the Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (Stockholm, December 2, 2021)


Franck Riester, Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is attending today’s meeting of OSCE foreign ministers in Stockholm, under the chairpersonship of Sweden.

He will reaffirm the importance of the role played by the OSCE – whose founding principles are enshrined in the Helsinki Decalogue – in Europe’s collective security. He will call on all member States to rededicate themselves to the spirit of the Charter of Paris for a new united, democratic Europe, adopted more than 30 years ago, in order to resolve conflicts through dialogue, particularly in Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh – two areas in which France has special responsibilities as part of the Normandy Format and as co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Mr. Riester will reiterate the need to revitalize the three pillars of cooperative security in Europe: military security and arms control; defense of the rule of law and human rights; and good economic and environmental governance with special attention to the climate challenge, which will be the focus of a decision this year by the OSCE Ministerial Council.

The minister will recall our commitment to effective governance of the OSCE, which requires the constructive use of the consensus rule – the basis of the organization – as this year saw a number of obstructions to the smooth running of its autonomous institutions and missions.