European Parliament - Osmose building - Strasbourg (19, July 2023)


The French authorities welcome the decision by the European Parliament authorities, members of its Bureau and MEPs from the Committee on Budgets to rent the Osmose building in Strasbourg.

The signing of a long lease of 99 years between the French Government, Grand-Est region, Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, European Collectivity of Alsace and city of Strasbourg on the one hand, and the European Parliament on the other, consolidates Strasbourg as the seat of the European Parliament and European capital.

As President Macron wished, this new building will significantly improve working conditions for MEPs, their teams and all the institutions which contribute to the legislative process. It will also facilitate the organization of trilogues and the holding of meetings on the sidelines of plenaries.

The French authorities and the collectivities will go on promoting the Parliament’s material and human investment in Strasbourg, in addition to the commitments that they made in the framework of the Strasbourg European Capital Triennial Contract 2021-2023 (greater accessibility, promotion of regional research, cultural and democratic projects) and that they confirmed during the visit by the Prime Minister, accompanied by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Minister of State for Europe, to Strasbourg on 22 November 2022 to mark the European Parliament’s 70th anniversary.

They thank the President of the European Parliament and MEPs for supporting this project.