EU – Adoption of 10th package of sanctions against Russia (25 February 2023)


On February 25, the Council of the European Union unanimously adopted its 10th package of sanctions against Russia, one year after that country launched its unjustified war of aggression against Ukraine.

This package imposes sanctions on 121 individuals and entities contributing to the Russian war effort: military leaders, officials, propagandists and creators of disinformation, people working with the Wagner Group, economic actors and banks (among them Alfa-Bank, Rosbank and Tinkoff Bank). It also imposes sanctions on individuals involved in the most serious Russian crimes committed in Ukraine, in particular the deportation of Ukrainian children and producers of drones targeting civilians and infrastructure in Ukraine. That includes Iranian officials. With this 10th package, 1,473 individuals and 205 entities are now listed under the EU sanctions regime.

This package also includes new export restrictions on dual-use and advanced technologies, vehicles, machinery and construction goods. It includes import restrictions on certain high-revenue items for Russia, notably synthetic rubber. Russian citizens are also banned from serving on the governing bodies of critical infrastructure companies or entities owned or operated by EU member states. They are also banned from booking gas storage capacity in the EU. And another two propaganda outlets have been added to the media ban.

These sanctions illustrate the EU’s ongoing support for Ukraine.