European Union - Catherine Colonna to attend the Foreign Affairs Council (Luxembourg, October 17, 2022)


Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is attending today’s Council of EU Foreign Affairs Ministers in Luxembourg.

Ahead of the European Council meetings on October 20 and 21, the minister will emphasize the importance of continuing to support Ukraine in every way, whether through humanitarian, economic, political or military means. She will applaud the establishment of the European Union Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine), to which France will make a significant contribution; the mobilization of a sixth tranche of €500 million for the European Peace Facility (EPF), bringing this instrument’s total support to €3 billion; and the October 6th agreement on the adoption of an eighth package of sanctions. She will underscore Europe’s unity in its support of Ukraine.

Regarding the relationship between the EU and China, the minister will recall the relevance of the European triptych policy established in 2019 (partner, competitor and systemic rival) while also noting that in the current context of increased tensions, priority must be given to the implementation of the European economic sovereignty agenda set forth at the Versailles Summit as well as the implementation of the Indo-Pacific strategy.

The minister, along with her European partners, will reiterate our condemnation of the ongoing repression in Iran and will express our full support for the package of sanctions to be adopted at this Council meeting.

Following her visit to Lebanon, she will repeat Europe’s firm message to Lebanese political leaders regarding the need to adhere to the electoral timetable.

Lastly, following the national conference held in Burkina Faso on October 14 and 15, she will stress how important it is for the country’s new authorities to comply with the transition framework set forth by ECOWAS.