Franco-Russian Decentralized Cooperation Year 2021


The French and Russian Governments have decided to make 2021 a “Franco-Russian Decentralized Cooperation Year”. The aim of this Year is to bring a new perspective in each country on the other, to give new impetus between French and Russian cities and regions, to strengthen ties between French and Russian citizens, and to highlight the assets and diversity of our respective territories.

The Franco-Russian Decentralized Cooperation Year will last throughout 2021 and end with the fifth “Franco-Russian meeting of local government bodies” in Russia (the last one took place in Nice in 2012). In the meantime, a number of events will take place in various parts of France and Russia, bearing the Year’s “label”. They will be organized either by local authorities themselves or by other local stakeholders, which may work with local government bodies. They may concern various fields, such as linguistic cooperation, exchanges for young people, sport, businesses, tourism, sustainable development, and cooperation between institutions.

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, via the Delegation for the External Action of Local Government (DAECT), has set up a fund to provide financial support for certain projects included in the official Programme.

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