The FRANZ partnership for cooperation serving the populations in the South Pacific hit by natural disasters


The trilateral partnership between France, Australia and New Zealand known as “FRANZ” was set up following the Joint Statement on Disaster Relief Cooperation in the South Pacific. Signed in Wellington (New Zealand) on 22 December 1992 by the three partners, it provides for resource pooling between France, Australia and New Zealand to help island States in the area in the event of a natural disaster.

Through this partnership, France, in liaison with its two partners and at the request of a country in the South Pacific struck by a natural disaster, delivers emergency humanitarian assistance. It works in close cooperation with the authorities in charge of disaster management in the country concerned. The Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS) of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs coordinates the delivery of this assistance alongside its French and foreign partners in the area.

The FRANZ partnership is an operational, practical cooperation agreement which has shown its effectiveness and its necessity in a region regularly affected by climate events.

For 30 years, the three partners have been collaborating amongst themselves and with the Pacific Islands to respond to the needs of populations affected by these events. Some forty operations have been implemented over the years.

Recently, this partnership was activated:

  • In Vanuatu in 2023 and 2020;
  • In Tonga in 2022;
  • In Papua New Guinea in 2021;
  • In Fiji in 2020.

At the end of each year, a meeting is organized between the partners by the Chair country. The last annual meeting of the partnership was hosted by the High Commission of New Caledonia on 5 May 2023. After two years as Chair, France handed over the chairmanship to Australia on 1 July 2023.

Updated: July 2023