World Humanitarian Day (19 August 2018)


On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, France reaffirms that humanitarian action is a pillar of its foreign policy.

It reflects solidarity with the populations affected by crises of all kinds by addressing their basic needs (access to water and sanitation, food, health care, construction of shelters) and helps to stabilize areas affected by crises. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs Crisis and Support Center (CDCS) which has just marked its 10th anniversary, provides a professional response to crises and helps minimize response times by playing a vital role in terms of humanitarian assistance, stabilization and crisis resolution support.

France pays tribute to the commitment of humanitarian aid workers, who often risk their lives to bring aid to populations in need.

In order to help the millions of people who need humanitarian assistance around the world, these personnel carry out vital work with courage and dedication in order to alleviate the suffering of the victims of armed conflict, natural disasters and other emergency situations.

Their protection, their security and the fight against impunity for crimes committed against them are a priority for France. We will continue to mobilize our efforts, notably within the UN forums, in order to ensure respect for international humanitarian law, ensure the protection of civilians in conflict thanks to safe and unrestricted humanitarian access and allow humanitarian actors to carry out their work safely.

Given the growing number of crises, their increased duration and complexity, humanitarian aid needs have continued to grow around the world. Jean-Yves Le Drian wanted to provide concrete responses to these needs:

  • France’s 2018-2022 humanitarian strategy calls for the tripling of contributions over this period in order to reach €500 million per year. This strategy marks a change in the scope of our country’s humanitarian action, providing it with a clear course of action and multiple resources. The effectiveness of our aid will be enhanced through 15 concrete decisions;
  • Partnerships have been strengthened. The minister for Europe and foreign affairs therefore signed, on December 19, 2017, 12 partnership agreements on humanitarian assistance with several companies, corporate foundations, family foundations and associations working at the international level;
  • For its part, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs crisis and support center signed a partnership agreement in June 2018 with the French Red Cross, thereby strengthening and clarifying the links that have existed with this organization for many years.