Special representatives of the Minister for economic diplomacy


Designating special representatives for certain countries or geographical areas aims to increase our bilateral economic relations with a number of key partners which the special representatives know particularly well and with whom they have special relationships.

These public figures, with recognized experience and skills, have been appointed in order to work closely with our ambassadors, with the services of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and of the entire State on fully mobilizing public and private stakeholders to this end. This is an important way to concretely implement economic diplomacy on the ground.

The special representatives’ mission

Helping mobilize public and private stakeholders to promote economic, trade, scientific and cultural relations with the country assigned to them.

As part of the mission statement sent to them by the Minister, each figure targets areas in which they can make the biggest contribution.

To assist them, special representatives have the full support of the services of the Quai d’Orsay, particularly the French Embassy in the relevant country, the competent geographical directorate and the economic diplomacy directorate.

With their in-depth knowledge of the countries they have been assigned, special representatives will provide companies with perfect points of entry and/or powerful intermediaries for influencing public and private decision-makers in the countries involved.

Also included in their mission is discussion on issues relating to welcoming foreign affairs communities to France, which is a key component of our attractiveness.
This initiative complements existing practices.

It will build on the support provided by the diplomatic network and the State to all companies who are interested and involved in these key countries.

Establishing special representatives is a flexible and pragmatic practice which is already in use as seven special representatives have been appointed and are currently working:

Russia Jean-Pierre Chevènement
China Jean-Pierre Raffarin
Australia Ross McInness
Japan Louis Schweitzer
India Paul Hermelin
Balkans Alain Richard

Updated : March 2019