The International Internship Programme (VIE)


The International Internship Programme is an attractive export support programme managed by Business France, France’s agency for the international development of businesses.

The VIE programme: export skills for companies

The VIE programme was created by the Act of 14 March 2000 on civil volunteering. Volunteers have a public sector status and are under the authority of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and, while abroad, that of the local ambassador.

French companies participating in this programme can give young people from France and the European Economic Area, aged 18 to 28 years, an assignment abroad for a period of 6 to 12 months which can be renewed once.

The VIE programme is an important means for companies to develop their business in new markets internationally, and thereby strengthen the French economic community across the globe. It is also an excellent opportunity for young people to gain solid professional experience internationally and develop their skills.

Some key figures up until 31 December 2018

Since 2000, more than 77,000 young people have worked abroad for more than 7,400 companies.

They are present in 118 countries worldwide.

Europe is the leading destination region (48% of international interns), ahead of North America (17%) and the Asia-Pacific region (14%).

The main sectors involved in the VIE programme are: banking, information and communications technologies, transport, services (information technology, corporate consulting), agrifood, energy, health, public works, aviation and space.

The top ten destinations are: 1/ the United States, 2/ Belgium, 3/ Germany, 4/ the United Kingdom, 5/ Spain, 5/China and Hong Kong, 7/ Canada, 8/ Luxembourg, 9/ Italy and 10/ Singapore.

Updated: February 2019