Support for companies in the digital sector


The digital economy is the most dynamic sector of the world economy. International development of French digital companies and the attractiveness of the national territory for foreign companies are priorities.

There are about ten French global-sized companies in the telecommunications and software sector, while new digital niches (sustainable city, intelligent housing and transport, linked objects, e-health) provide growth drivers to hundreds of innovative SMEs in France. With five digital innovation centres facilitating local synergies between the research and private sectors, and network of telecommunications infrastructures among the best in the world in terms of quality, availability, efficiency and competitiveness, France is a highly attractive location and is already attracting digital giants from abroad.

France also pays careful attention to sovereignty issues raised by digital technology such as Internet governance, the defence of fundamental freedoms, the capacity of normative influence, industrial policies and technologies, taxation, mastering infrastructures and cyber-security. The Internet affects all aspects of economic, social, cultural and political life inside societies and its cross-border nature has led to the emergence of new international relations stakeholders and new balances of power. As the backbone of the digital system, the Internet has also become an issue of power for all States.

The role of the Foreign Affairs Ministry

The Foreign Affairs Ministry carries out its action based around digital technology by committing on a daily basis in European and international-level dialogue to promote a safe digital space which respects fundamental rights and serves development, managed with all Internet stakeholders on the basis of democratic and transparent principles.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry acts as an interface with foreign governments and contributes to French economic diplomacy. The Ministry fully mobilizes the French diplomatic network to support French digital companies internationally and provide specific support to French manufacturers’ exports and foreign investments.