Priority Export Family: “Renewable Energies”

Renewable energies are experiencing a worldwide boom due to the drop in the cost of technologies and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are significant economic stakes linked to the positioning of French companies in this sector and using their expertise with regard to exports.

Michel Crémieux was appointed exports unifier for renewable energies in February 2018.

France’s international position in the renewable energies sector

France has an extensive network of start-ups, SMEs and major groups with recognized expertise. In addition to being positioned across all renewable energy sectors, French businesses are active in innovative sectors combining cutting-edge technologies and industry, such as storage and smart grids.

This expertise, however, must be better developed internationally so that it can reach its full potential. The appointment of an exports unifier for renewable energies aims to meet this goal.

Furthermore, support for the export sector helps sustain over the long term the leadership gained by France in combating climate change since COP21 and the signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, which was strengthened at the One Planet Summit in December 2017.

Updated: February 2018