Priority sectors for supporting French exports

Priority export "families": Supporting our exports in major sectors

"Families" to support our exports in major sectors of trade

Introduced in 2012, the unifier scheme entails fostering a partnership between the French State and a prominent figure from the private sector to communicate and unify a sector-specific offer destined for foreign markets.

It is therefore a public-private approach to support exports in our major sectors of trade, which is characterized by high-quality French supply and a global demand. The scheme was initially launched in the sectors of health, agriculture and agri-foods, and sustainable cities, to which were added the cultural and creative sectors. In May 2015, a seventh sector was added: renewable energy.

Who exactly are the “unifiers”?

The unifiers are members of the business world who offer their time and expertise to help French companies gain a stronger foothold in export markets. They seek to encourage synergies between public and private stakeholders and to promote a comprehensive French supply in priority foreign markets.

The unifiers’ duties are complementary with those of special ministry representatives in certain areas or certain countries, thereby combining sector-based and geographic-based approaches.

Bridges are gradually being built around concrete projects such as the renovation of the historic centre and the development of the city of Campeche in Mexico, and the development of the eco-friendly city of Wuhan and the eco-friendly quarter in Shenyang in China, or in even larger challenges such as the introduction of halal markets in Asia, a response to the Philippines’ hospitality needs.

Updated: February 2016