Priority sectors for supporting French exports


Priority “families” to support French exports

Supporting our exports in major trade sectors

Introduced in 2012, the unifier scheme entails forging a partnership between the French government and a prominent figure from the private sector to communicate and unify a sector-specific offer destined for foreign markets.

The unifier scheme is a public-private approach to support exports in major French trade sectors, characterized by high-quality supply and a global demand. It is coordinated with existing public support programmes and involves the following sectors: agriculture and agrifood, renewable energy, cultural and creative industries, healthcare and sustainable cities.

Who are the “unifiers”?

The unifiers are members of the business world who offer their time and expertise to help French companies gain a stronger foothold in export markets. They are appointed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and seek to encourage synergies between public and private stakeholders and promote a comprehensive French offer in priority foreign markets.

Depending on their “family”, unifiers may perform a variety of duties:

  • Consulting, to guide administrations responsible for foreign trade in addressing issues and concerns that are relevant to the export industry.
  • Representation, to support administrations by ensuring high-level involvement in priority projects abroad.
  • Operational support, to unify the relevant ecosystems and encourage a range developed by several companies.

Unifiers also complement the work of special minister’s representatives in certain areas or countries, thereby combining sector-based and geographic-based approaches.

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