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Launch of the Business Diplomacy Meetings (15 February 2022)

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is launching a series of virtual business meetings with France’s ambassadors throughout the world and French businesses. This initiative is part of France’s business diplomacy efforts and aims to strengthen our diplomatic posts’ relationship with French (…)

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Economic diplomacy: a political priority

Promoting France’s economic interests is one of the main responsibilities of Business France and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, both within France and in the network.

French economic diplomacy has several goals:
• Helping French businesses export to external markets;
• Attracting job-creating foreign investment to France;
• Adapting the European and international regulatory framework to our defensive and offensive economic interests;
Promoting France’s vibrant businesses and start-ups.

The Ministers are fully committed to this goal and deal with economic issues on each of their trips.

The France Relance economic recovery plan set out by the Prime Minister on 3 September includes a major component on exports totalling €247 million.
The plan on the Government website:

Updated: Sept. 2020