Consular administration – Virtual process for public records, a new component of the Digital Administration (16 March 2021)


Since March 12, French citizens may request and receive copies of documents and certificates relating to events that have taken place abroad (births, marriages, deaths), through a completely virtual process.

This is the first step in the RECE (Electronic Civil Registry) project established by law “for a State that serves a society characterized by trust” passed on August 10, 2018, and overseen by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. This project has three main objectives: making high-quality services more accessible to users more quickly; improving the legal expertise of Civil Service officials; and saving money by reducing printing and mailing costs

This new system also meets security requirements, guaranteeing the protection of user data and the authenticity of the records provided.

Along with the “France Consulaire” project and internet voting, the RECE is one of three strategic Foreign Ministry projects implemented by the Department of French Nationals Abroad and the Consular Administration that are aimed at improving citizens’ lives. The project’s next steps will consist of completely revamping data processing operations in the Civil Registry Central Service (SCEC) and the possibility of declaring births and marriages online.