Digital technology and international issues

The Internet is a powerful tool for the promotion of fundamental freedoms and aspiration to political change.It also plays a role in access to knowledge and culture. Lastly, it is a growth accelerator, contributing 20% of global GDP in 2030 while a study forecasts the creation of 450,000 ICT jobs in France by 2015.

These technologies also involve risks and dangers, for States, businesses and citizens alike government and corporate information systems are not exempt from cyber attacks. The Internet can also carry illegal content or behaviours such as infringements of privacy, economic fraud, incitement of racial hatred and child pornography.

By making Internet a subject on the agenda of a G8 Summit (Deauville, May 2011) for the first time, France managed to convince its partners of the need for international cooperation for the harmonious development of a peaceful Internet supporting human rights, democracy and economic growth.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is involved in constant European and international dialogue to promote a safe economic space that respects fundamental rights and supports development, governed with all Internet stakeholders on the basis of transparent democratic principles.

Updated : November 2013