SDG 12. Responsible consumption and production


Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Presentation - State of affairs

We cannot guarantee a healthy environment without profound changes in our lifestyles. The new sustainable development agenda proposes a transformation of our economic models to make them sustainable.

The long-term management of resources, waste and chemicals; the fight against food waste; the promotion of sustainable tourism; and the development of corporate social and environmental responsibility are central to this transformation. France is encouraging major companies to make their economic models more sustainable and accountable to the ecosystem in which they operate, and is promoting corporate social responsibility by supporting the work of the Global Compact. Raising awareness and providing education on responsible consumption and production are also part of European Sustainable Development Week, which this year will help promote the SDGs.

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The MEAE supports the work of the Global Compact which was created by Kofi Annan in 2000 to encourage companies to contribute to United Nations values by complying with 10 principles (social standards of the International Labour Organization, as well as environmental, governance and anti-corruption standards).

On 26 April 2017, France published its “National Action Plan for implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, which tangibly reflects France’s compliance with the UN Guiding Principles.

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Updated: May 2017