SDG 1. No poverty


Actions being implemented to meet SDG 1 will be reviewed at the Political Forum in July 2017.

Presentation - State of affairs

Gains in reducing poverty—the number of people living in a situation of extreme poverty has dropped by more than half since 1990—show that international solidarity policies have a genuine impact on the ground and that efforts should be pursued. To address the major sustainable development problems for the future of the planet and humankind, France’s development and international solidarity policy has made eradicating extreme poverty and reducing inequalities, including between men and women, priority objectives, while working to protect the planet.

Through to 2030, SDG 1 foresees a world where extreme poverty will have been completely eliminated in its every corner, through measures to achieve social protection for all, access to land and economic resources, and their protection against the impacts of climate-related, social or economic disasters.

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8 150 000 000

euros in official development assistance spent by France in 2015, i.e. 0.37% of the GNP.

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Updated: May 2017