Sector-specific and cross-cutting strategies related to development


The priority areas of France’s development policy are enshrined in multi-year, sector-based and cross-cutting strategies, which guide the action of its agencies. These strategies help improve the coordination of the different means for action, focus them on clearly identified objectives and report on the results achieved.

Since 2017, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign affairs has overseen the preparation of the following guidelines:

Cross-cutting priorities

Climate and biodiversity

France’s international strategic guidelines to combat land deterioration and desertification 2020-2030

Gender equality

France’s international strategy for gender equality (2018-2022)

Crises and fragilities

France’s international “Prevention, Resilience and Sustainable Peace” strategy, 2018-2022

Human rights

France’s international strategy for a human rights-based approach to development cooperation


Sector-based priorities

Education, professional training, higher education, research and innovation

France’s international strategy for education, professional training and insertion 2017-2021 (in French)

Food security

France’s International Strategy for Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture 2019-2024

Water and sanitation

France’s International Strategy for Water and Sanitation (2020-2030) (in French)


France’s international strategy for improved domestic resource mobilization in developing economies 2020-2022


Updated: March 2021