Global Health and Foreign Policy Initiative : informal consultation framework


The Global Health and Foreign Policy Initiative was launched in New York in September 2006, at the instigation of foreign ministers from Norway and France, Jonas Gahr Støre and Philippe Douste-Blazy.

Also known as the Oslo Group, this initiative involves seven countries with different profiles but which are all engaged in health action : South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Norway, Senegal, Thailand and France. They share a common commitment to a greater focus on global health issues in foreign policy.

Global Health and Foreign Policy, an informal consultation framework, works to address health issue at international level. As its participants are from many different regions, strong political impetus can be given to the major public health issues. After ten years of joint efforts, the group renewed its commitment to working together in 2017.

France will head the group in 2019, taking over from Brazil, the group’s chair in 2018. Every year a Global Health and Foreign Policy resolution is submitted to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Resolutions adopted by the UNGA at the instigation of the group :

  • Resolution A/RES/63/33 of 26 November 2008, which defines the objectives of the Global Health and Foreign Policy initiative, and is a standing item on the UNGA’s agenda entitled Global Health and Foreign Policy ;
  • Resolution A/RES/64/108 of 10 December 2009, which addresses the themes of emerging infectious diseases and human resources in the field of health ;
  • Resolution A/RES/65/95 of 9 December 2010, which promotes global governance to ensure health security and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals to further health-related development ;
  • Resolution A/RES/66/115 of 12 December 2011 on health risks related to the environment and natural disasters ;
  • Resolution A.67/81 of 12 December 2012 coordinated by France, on universal health coverage (co-sponsored by 91 countries and adopted by consensus) ;
  • Resolution A/RES/68/98 of 11 December 2013 on strengthening global health partnerships ;
  • Resolution A/RES/69/132 of 11 December 2014 on the protection of health personnel ;
  • Resolution A/70/L.32 of 17 December 2015 on strengthening the management of international health crises (adopted by consensus), which recalls the importance of the implementation of International Health Regulations (2005) in the context of the Agenda for Sustainable Development and the lessons learned from the Ebola outbreak ;
  • Resolution A/RES/71/159 of 15 December 2016 on health employment and economic growth ;
  • Resolution A/RES/72/139 of 12 December 2017 on the health of the most vulnerable for an inclusive society.

Mise à jour : 30.11.18