French official development assistance: priorities, principles & key figures


France’s development policy is part of the international framework of the new Agenda 2030, which combines the fight against poverty and sustainable development in its three pillars: economic, social and environmental.

The geographic and sectoral priorities of French official development assistance

In order to ensure its effectiveness, the international development and solidarity policy adapts to the diversity of situations and needs of its partner countries. In this way, France adapts its action according to several differentiated partnerships that take into account the geographic realities of the partner countries, the instruments (grants and/or loans, project aid, budget support, technical expertise) and the sectors of intervention that are most adapted to needs of the countries.

In each of its interventions, France also participates in promoting the new international framework for sustainable development and its principles, through economic and cultural influence.

France declines its action according to four main areas of intervention:

  • The fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment;
  • Human development and gender equality;
  • Economic development for social progress;
  • Strengthening human rights, stability and peace.

Infographic: The challenges of French official development assistance

Infographic: The priority countries for French official development assistance

Updated: February 2018