World Food Day (16 October 2021)


World hunger has been on the rise since 2014, and the pandemic only exacerbated this trend. Some 811 million people suffered from hunger in 2020 – 161 million more than in 2019.

While food crises are proliferating, with 155 million people experiencing acute food insecurity, France is working internationally to support farmers, develop ecologically friendly farming systems, combat malnutrition, and promote the transition to healthy, sustainable food systems. Since 2018, France has increased the volume of its funding to combat food crises in the most vulnerable countries – often in Sub-Saharan Africa – by 170%, and will continue to strengthen this support in 2022. This aid benefits women in particular, who play a key role in food systems but who are often the most heavily affected by malnutrition and poverty.

Our efforts also fall under the umbrella of the UN Food Systems Summit (September 23-24), at which France reiterated its support for two international coalitions: the Coalition on Agroecology, in conjunction with our commitment to the Great Green Wall in the Sahel, and the School Meals Coalition developed by the World Food Programme (WFP).