International solidarity – Plenary session of the National Council for Development and International Solidarity (CNDSI) (28 November 2023)


On November 28, Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Minister of State for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, chaired the meeting of the National Council for Development and International Solidarity (CNDSI). The CNDSI is a forum that allows all the various development and international solidarity stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on guidelines, goals, and means relating to solidarity-based development policy and the fight against global inequality.

This year’s final plenary session focused mainly on the implementation of decisions by the Interministerial Committee for International Cooperation and Development (CICID) and included discussions about France’s involvement in international solidarity efforts in Ukraine, the Sahel and the Palestinian Territories, as well as civil society contributions to French climate diplomacy ahead of the COP28.

The Minister of State hailed the efforts of civil society partners in crisis areas such as the Middle East, Ukraine and Armenia. Longstanding trust-based relations between the French government and NGOs facilitate solidarity efforts and enable them to better meet the needs of local populations. Much of the €300 million in humanitarian aid mobilized by France in support of Ukraine since February 24, 2022, was therefore channeled through NGOs. The same will hold true in Gaza, where France announced €100 million in aid for civilian populations.