Yemen – UN – Start of operation to unload oil from Safer tanker (July 25, 2023)


France welcomes the start of an operation to pump oil from the Safer onto a replacement tanker, as announced by the UN Secretary-General. This is a critical stage in the UN-led salvage operation. We reiterate our full support for the UN as it conducts this complex operation to avert an environmental, economic and humanitarian disaster in the Red Sea.

France calls on all the parties, and first and foremost the Houthis, to allow it to unfold smoothly.

France supports this operation both financially, having contributed nearly €3.3 million to it over the past few years, and politically, within the Security Council and with our regional partners. We reiterate our support for the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Yemen in his effort to achieve a political resolution to the conflict – the only way to improve the lives of Yemenis in the long term and to contribute to regional security.