Yemen – France welcomes the two-month extension of the truce (2 Jun. 2022)


France welcomes UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg’s announcement on June 2 of the two-month extension of the truce in that country. This extension was made possible by the constructive attitude shown by the parties to the conflict and by support for Mr. Grundberg’s efforts from the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and regional partners such as Jordan and Egypt.

The truce instituted on April 2 made it possible to resume the first commercial flights between Sanaa and Amman, and Sanaa and Cairo, in six years. With Yemen facing a particularly severe humanitarian crisis, the extension of the truce should make it possible to reopen the roads from the city of Taez, to institute a ceasefire and begin discussions on a lasting political solution to the conflict. France reiterates its full support for UN efforts in that direction.