Red Sea – Houthi Violation of Freedom of Navigation (12 January 2024)


France reiterates its condemnation of the attacks carried out by the Houthis against commercial ships in the Red Sea, which undermine navigational rights and freedoms, and it demands that the Houthis end them immediately. Through these armed actions, the Houthis bear a very heavy responsibility for regional escalation.

Through its Resolution 2722, the Security Council stated on 10 January 2024 that the exercise of navigational rights and freedoms must be respected and that States have the right to respond to these attacks, in accordance with international law.

France will continue shouldering its responsibilities and contributing to maritime security in the area in conjunction with its partners, as it was called to do on 9 and 11 December 2023 when the Languedoc frigate was engaged to destroy drones.