Statement by the International Contact Group on the latest developments in Venezuela (1 May 2019)


The International Contact Group (ICG) reaffirms its support for a political, peaceful, democratic and Venezuelan-owned solution to the crisis, in the framework of the country’s Constitution. Current events confirm the necessity and urgency of such political solution. The crisis is worsening and aggravating the already dire humanitarian situation of the Venezuelan people.

The International Contact Group firmly expresses its opposition to the use of force and calls for maximum restraint by the security bodies, so that no further harm is inflicted on the Venezuelan people.

Human rights and civil freedoms of all Venezuelans must be respected. National Assembly members and party leaders have to be able to carry out their political work without any fear, reprisals or retribution. Freedom of the media should be re-established and all political prisoners should be released.

The ICG will spare no efforts in support of democracy and rule of law in Venezuela, through free and fair elections, in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution. In this respect it will meet at Ministerial level on 6 and 7 May in San José, Costa Rica. It will continue to closely follow the situation in coordination with its regional and international partners.