Uruguay – Conversation between Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne and the Deputy Foreign Minister (13 October 2021)


Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister of State for Tourism, French Nationals Abroad and Francophonie, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, spoke yesterday with Carolina Ache Batlle, Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. Their conversation was part of the regular contact we maintain with Uruguay, illustrated in particular by the visit to France by Minister of Foreign Relations Francisco Bustillo in December 2020 and the bilateral meeting with the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

Mr. Lemoyne emphasized the excellence of Uruguay’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, as well as the high caliber of our political dialogue, based on a shared vision of multilateralism and the defense of the rule of law and human rights, especially in Latin America. The two officials shared their concerns over the crises in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

During this conversation, they reviewed our bilateral cooperation efforts and their prospects for the future, especially in the areas of science (partnership with the Pasteur Institute in Montevideo), higher education and language (program to teach French in elementary schools). Mr. Lemoyne and Ms. Ache also discussed stepping up our economic cooperation and trade in the area of the environment and renewable energies, particularly green hydrogen.

Finally, Mr. Lemoyne reiterated the importance France attributes to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, and warmly thanked Uruguay for its support for moving the organization’s headquarters to Dijon.