United Kingdom - Q&A (19 April 2023)


How do you explain the lengthy detention, in London, of a manager from Editions La Fabrique, who was arrested on April 17 when he got off the Eurostar on his way to attend the London book fair? He was detained with no access to a lawyer under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act of 2000. The British police reportedly made reference to his participation in demonstrations in France.

He had previously been subjected to extensive security checks by British and French border police at the Gare du Nord, which caused him to miss his train and forced him to wait for the next one.

Is his work as a publisher at issue?

Is participation in demonstrations in France reported to foreign police?

We learned of Ernest Moret’s arrest in the United Kingdom and his subsequent release. While he was being detained, the Embassy prepared to exercise its right to provide consular protection under the usual rules. As for the reasons that led to this situation, we have no information to provide and no comment.