Turkey – Syria - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (18.10.18)


Q - Turkey has continued to launch airstrikes in recent days against northeastern Syria, despite your calls for restraint. How do you plan to convince the Turks?

A - We reiterate our deep concern following recent Turkish airstrikes in northeastern Syria, which left several dead. Once again we call on Turkey and all involved parties to show the utmost restraint and we support efforts to deescalate the situation, in particular those undertaken by the United States.

With Daesh engaging in a large-scale counter-offensive in northeastern Syria, we stress the priority of pursuing the campaign against that terrorist organization. The Syrian Democratic Forces are making a decisive contribution to this fight, with the support of the international coalition against Daesh.

As emphasized by the heads of state and government of France, Germany, Russia and Turkey at the Istanbul summit, there can be no military solution to the Syrian conflict. Only a political solution consistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 will provide the means to stabilize Syria in a lasting manner and to guarantee its integrity and the security of its neighbors.