Turkey - Q&A (September 8, 2022)


Q: Yesterday the Turkish president accused the Western countries of “provoking” Russia and criticized the sanctions against that country, once again emphasizing that he clearly differs with Europe’s strategy toward Moscow. In light of the above, is France still in favor of inviting Turkey to the first meeting of the European Political Community in October?

A: We have seen these remarks, which seem to be reversing the responsibilities. I want to note that Turkey asserts at the same time that it does not want to serve as a platform enabling Russia to circumvent sanctions. That is a key point which the minister discussed at length with her Turkish counterpart during her visit to Turkey on September 5 and 6.

With regard to Turkey’s invitation to the first meeting of the European Political Community, that is a separate question, with regard to which I would like to refer you to President Macron’s speech at the Ambassadors’ Conference, in which he said that “many other members have raised the question of Turkey, and it will be discussed. In any case, France has no veto to wield.”