Turkey - Q&A (1st december 2022)


Since the October 26th arrest of the president of the Turkish Doctors’ Union, Dr. Şebnem Korur Financı, who was jailed and prosecuted for requesting an independent investigation, there have been multiple allegations of Turkey’s use of toxic chemical substances against Kurdish guerilla forces in northern Iraq. The Turkish defense minister himself acknowledged the use of tear gas, a riot control agent banned in warfare by the Chemical Weapons Convention. Could France ask for a UN or OPCW investigation into possible violations, as we did with Syria?

France has no information confirming allegations that Turkey is using riot control agents as a means of warfare in northern Iraq.

France reiterates that the Chemical Weapons Convention prohibits its states-parties from using riot control agents as a means of warfare.

France also reiterates its commitment to Iraqi sovereignty and the stability of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan Region.