Turkey – Death of Ara Guler (18 October 2018)


We were extremely saddened to learn of the death of Ara Guler, a master photographer and legendary photojournalist.

He had a deep love for his hometown of Istanbul and was undeniably one of its most sensitive photographers, faithfully capturing all of its changes with great subtlety.

A Turkish citizen born into an Armenian family, he described himself as a citizen of the world. In the course of his work for the Magnum agency and for the most prestigious magazines, his focus everywhere was on capturing reality - always transcended by a poetry that was unique to him. But his generosity and openness to others were especially evident in the black-and-white photographs he took of unknown people, children, and daily life on the streets of Istanbul. He leaves behind him an immense, valuable and timeless body of work, a reflection of the city, capturing the small details of everyday life as well as its social and cultural diversity.