Syria – Death of Bassma Kodmani ( 2 March 2023)


Bassma Kodmani, a Franco-Syrian political scientist, academic, author and political figure, died on March 2 in France. It was with great sadness that we paid tribute to her memory, her work and her activities on International Women’s Day, and we offer our deepest condolences to her family, loved ones, students and companions in the fight for democracy.

Ms. Kodmani was resolutely committed to the Syrian uprising from its earliest days in 2011. She worked tirelessly to defend her fellow citizens in an effort to bring Syria out of the deadly spiral it was forced into by the Syrian regime.

Bassma Kodmani was a remarkable woman – a passionate, clear-minded intellectual who was never discouraged by adversity or the complexity of the situation in Syria. Up until her last day, she continued to champion freedom, the rule of law and reason, even as she grew weaker.

Bassma Kodmani’s fight for a free, democratic, inclusive Syria, enriched by the great diversity of its members, will outlive her and will continue to resonate in our commitment to a just and lasting solution in Syria.