Sudan - Q&A (19 April 2023)


Is France preparing to evacuate its citizens and those of other European countries from Sudan?

Our priority is the safety of our citizens and the protection of our diplomatic and consular personnel and facilities. Working closely with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Crisis and Support Center, which opened a crisis unit in Paris on April 17 and is in touch, individually, with all of our citizens on the ground, the Embassy of France is mobilizing all its efforts to ensure the safety of the French community. These instructions remain in effect in light of the continued fighting.

Together with all our partners, we remind the warring parties of their responsibility to protect civilians, including foreign nationals as well as diplomatic and consular facilities in accordance with international agreements. In this regard, we urge both parties to stop the fighting immediately, as the Minister stated at the G7, and as the G7 stated yesterday. We ask the warring parties to accept a humanitarian truce for Eid.