Sudan - Launch of the process to provide Sudan with debt relief - Joint communiqué issued by the ministry for Europe and Foreign affairs and the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery (1 July 2021)


France welcomes the launch of the process to provide Sudan with foreign debt relief in the framework of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative. This decisive stage was enabled, inter alia, by the clearance of Sudan’s arrears to the IMF, secured at the International Conference to Support the Sudanese Transition in Paris on 17 May 2021, and thanks to the $1.5-billion bridging loan provided by France. This result rewards the efforts of the Sudanese Government and people. It paves the way for the Sudanese economy’s recovery.

The Paris Club envisages providing Sudan with foreign debt relief in mid-July. France calls on all Sudan’s official bilateral creditors, whether or not they are in the Paris Club, to join this collective effort.

Succeeding with this process to provide Sudan with foreign debt relief is essential to the success of the democratic transition under way, which France fully supports.

France reiterates its commitment under the HIPC initiative and, in this regard, reaffirms its readiness to ultimately cancel all Sudan’s debt to it, in accordance with the commitment made by the President at the conference of 17 May 2021.