Sudan – Evacuation of nationals by the frigate Lorraine (27 April 2023)


The French navy’s frigate Lorraine arrived in Jeddah on 26 April 2023 from Port Sudan, which it had left the night before.

In this new operation 398 people were evacuated from Sudan, including five French people and nationals of more than 50 countries (including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden).

The Ministry for the Armed Forces and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, through its Crisis and Support Centre, organized the operation.

France thanks the Saudi and Djiboutian authorities for their help in the evacuation operation.

Since the evacuation operations began, France has, by means of its armed forces, evacuated 936 people, including 214 French nationals and their dependants.

France reiterates its call to all the parties to halt the fighting and return to political dialogue.