Serbia - Kosovo - Q&A from the press briefing (28 May 2021)


Q : Hello, are there plans to continue the dialogue on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina on Kosovo in Paris in June and if so, in what format? When could the dialogue resume? What is the stated aim with respect to the signing of a “final agreement”? Has a document been drawn up by Paris and Berlin in order to relaunch this dialogue under EU auspices? Has the proposal for redrawing the borders in order to reach a final agreement been permanently shelved? Do President Macron and Foreign Minister Le Drian plan to visit Serbia before the end of the year? Thank you.

A : Following on from the summit in Paris on July 10, 2020, France is working to help resolve the dispute between Belgrade and Pristina, which is a security issue for Europe, in order to reach a comprehensive, final and legally binding agreement. It fully supports EU mediation between the two parties.

France and Germany have not tabled any document aimed at outlining a solution. It is up to the parties to define the content an agreement, which must be mutually acceptable.