Russia – Q&A from the press briefing (20 April 2021)


Q : The president stated that he wanted to establish “clear red lines” with Russia in order to be credible and not naïve. After more than four years of efforts and attempts to establish a strategic dialogue with Russia, what do you consider to be a red line and what consequences will there be if this red line is crossed?

Q : During the informal videoconference of EU foreign ministers, the Ukrainian minister of foreign affairs proposed a “step-by-step action plan to discourage further escalation by the Russian Federation,” including new sector-specific sanctions against Russia. What is France’s position? Does it support the idea of new sanctions against Russia?

A : In his interview to CBS, President Macron reaffirmed France’s position based on a frank and open dialogue with Russia, which is key to ensuring our collective security, and the need to be clear and firm vis-à vis Russia.

In the context of the current tensions at Ukraine’s borders and in Crimea, a further attempt by Russia to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity would be unacceptable and could not, on that basis, remain without consequences.

Our efforts are currently focused on initiating a de-escalation of tensions. France, alongside Germany, is continuing its discussions to that end within the Normandy format in order to facilitate the implementation of these agreements with a view toward establishing just and lasting peace in eastern Ukraine.